about me...

I am a lens-based artist who documents offbeat stories in a nostalgic yet gritty way. You can find me carrying my 35mm Pentax MX around while I wander in solitude and document the odd, beautiful, and ugly happenings of life. Almost voyeuristically, my solo escapades are largely important to my creative process. I am interested in finding untold stories of places like residential neighborhoods and other little corners of the world. Driven by my sentimentality for existence, I focus on quietly mundane scenes of everyday life and suburbia, such as a house, car, or chair. By focusing on familiar subject matter, my images are relatable yet reframe these objects in a way that reveals a hidden longing, nostalgia, and isolation. Working in both 35mm film and digital mediums, my images elicit a timelessness and tend toward colorful palettes, grain, and hazy imagery that border a dream-like sensibility. My approach to filmmaking is heavily influenced by my background in fine art photography and understanding of formal design. My moving image work is marked by ‘mystical realism’ with its atmospheric, moody, and emotionally evocative cinematography. I am inspired by everyday life, but my conjunction of sentimentalism and attention to detail expose more elegance and immediacy than what meets the eye. 

My early interest in analog, darkroom processes, and documentary became the foundation of my creative exploration. In high school I took every photography class I could and was also a part of a two year intensive documentary program called “AIM” where one of my films won a student Emmy. Currently, I'm finishing my BFA in Art & Design with a concentration in Photography and Video at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Throughout my studies, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with other creatives and explore a range of art-making, from painting and sculpture to filmmaking. Most recently, I collaborated with a small group of creatives and made a short film that played at the SLO International Film Festival. Looking ahead, I am excited to travel as much as possible, saturate my brain with different cultures, and connect with people from all walks of life. These experiences will expand my understanding of the world and bring diverse perspectives to my work as a filmmaker and photographer. I aim to get involved with a career in the film business (or at least adjacent to it) and pursue my first love, photography, forever. <3

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